Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What do we do when we fall off the horse?

"I don't know Maury, I'm not a gymnist"

I recently attended a workshop held at Great Camp Sagamore on professional development and I want to share the words of wisdom here. In part to help keep myself accountable, but these steps are applicable at any point in your career. Its important to always look forward.

The lady leading the workshop is currently a professor for the Museum Studies program at Syracuse University, something I snickered at slightly. The relationship between Sagamore and Syracuse is somewhat of an inside joke with the Sagastaff. But I promise you she knows her stuff.

Before you even begin to develop a career you need to find a way to make your personal life work with your professional life. And as your personal life changes so will this relationship so you will need to make adjustments as things come. Remember: You bring your own uniqueness-values, skills, interests etc. and that gives you an edge.

Step 1: Self Awareness

What are your Pinnacles (highlights of where you are at) and Pitfalls (negatives of where you are at)? Think deeply and outline 3 or 4 of each, find common links, then come up with a headline that captures the essence of each.

My Pinnacles:
-people leaving excited about history after my tour
-developing social media marketing
-writing proposal for intern project

Common Links: They are all something tangible. I like seeing the results of my work.

My (lame) Headline: Eileen-The Arts and Crafts Revival Artisan

What it Means: mentioning the Arts and Crafts Revival is inherently historical, its connecting me the worker with my finished product, and I am generally crafty and enjoy creating useful things.

My Pitfalls:
-dealing with negative co-workers and guests
-being told no because of tradition
-confrontational criticism of my work

Common Links: I don't handle direct negativity well. And I am a bit of a hypocrite because I get set in my ways but hate when other people are the same way.

My (lame..again) Headline: Negativity hurts, especially when people are falling in my foot holes.

Step 2: The Vision

What do you want your career to look like? Define what would be nice to have and what are necessities.

My Vision (*indicates must haves):
-ability to do research
-more responsibility
-working with people and objects
-community support
-common vision*
-year round position*
-full time
-professional development*
-job satisfaction*

Your vision should change as you do. Right now I can't afford another unpaid internship but I don't really need benefits because I still make the cusp to use my parents insurance. I really need professional development because I am just starting to build my resume in the museum world. I know I have more I can add, but this step definitely requires self awareness.

Some things you can go outside your job to obtain. For example, if my job doesn't leave room to do the research I want to do, I can do it on my own time.

I was warned to remember that sometimes you need to be careful what you wish for. "The grass is not always greener on the other side." Sometimes you can't handle what you want. Again, it takes self awareness.

Step 3: The What

What do you need to obtain your vision?

Knowledge: is directly in your control, you can learn what you don't know

Skills: the learned capacity to do something and get a desired, predictable result

Talents: skills that come naturally

Experience: comes over time

Outline what you have, what you need, and how to get what you need.

Step 4: Goal Development

Make sure your goals are SMART.


Step 5: Stay Motivated

Find ways to stay motivated and don't let set backs hold you back.

Step 6: Action

Make it happen

For the longest time my goal was to simply graduate from college. I successfully accomplished that. Now I need to come up with a new set of goals.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

On staying sane and moving to a new city...

I admit, moving to a new city can be a stressful- if not a wild decision. This exact situation happened to me about a month ago. I am nearing my 1 month anniversary of being in New York City, and I have to say my views are radically different than when I first got here. So here are my tips to getting in the groove of things!

1) Try to stick to your regular routine. For example- If you work out every morning- don’t stop. Join a facility! If you’re accustomed to getting a coffee each afternoon, then make a routine of it. A routine gives me a sense of self and purpose, which helps combat loneliness sometimes. Chances are, unless you’re moving to some dormitory or close to relatives, you’re going to be spending quite a bit of time by yourself, so best thing is to get used to it and enjoy it!

2) Do the “touristy” things first! Before you know it, you’re going to be spending a lot of time being busy with … I don’t know…. job applying, job interviewing, studying for school or whatever. Going to tourist attractions will often give you some history of your new city and it will allow you to explore without having to venture too far out of your comfort zone.

3) Join different groups! In the month of being here, I have joined various groups. In my case, I have joined Kappa Alpha Theta’s Alumnae group, as well as the Panhellenic Alumni group. These groups are always hosting different events, and it’s a great way to meet people. There are also cool sites such as MeetUp that help you connect with people of similar interests as you.  

4) Keep a tight grip on your wallet… until you find a job at least. When I think of myself- depending on the day I think of myself as…. Fiscally irresponsible. That is to say- I enjoy eating out and shopping. Moral of the story is, try to refrain from unnecessary spending until you have a cash flow. It sounds simple, but some people (like me) have to learn the hard way.

5) Keep in touch! It helps so much to keep in touch with people from home- even more to keep in touch with those who are also moving. People can be surprisingly supportive and uplifting in your time of need. I know it may sound pathetic, but a pep talk is what we all need sometimes, and maybe a little butt kicking to get us into shape. 

J.Crew Magic Glitter Wallet, and Stationary from Blacker and Kooby Stationers

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A girl in the woods.

After spending considerable time actually living out here in the Adirondacks I started to think it was foolish to think I could contribute to our blog that began out of a desire to start a fashion blog. Lets be honest, not even my personal hygiene is at its best. I have effectively traded perfume for bug spray. The only article of clothing I have bought in the last three months was from our gift shop. My thick eyebrows are starting to grow back in and the people I work with are genuinely surprised when I let my hair down, wear more than just eyeliner, and put on shoes other than my flip flops.

And yet, I'll give you what I've learned. I have totally taken advantage of this time to experiment. I finally pulled out that hat I've had since I was 16 and never wore because I was too shy. It turns out I look good in it. And it makes a fun statement. I've gotten to pull out my hippie headband and have gotten comfortable wearing my fancy watch from fossil that is dangerously close to matching my skin tone. Both are pieces I love but never thought I could actually wear. This trial period has given me the confidence to wear these things out in the real world (the one beyond the blue line of the Adirondack Park). It also reminded me that I don't necessarily need to go shopping to find new things. We all have these pieces in our closets that we have never worn but are holding on for some inexplicable reason. Why not turn to your closet and see what's hiding there first?

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Safe sun necessities for summer music festivals

August has been known to bring some of the best concerts and music festivals to cities across America. One of my favorite things about these festivals are the creative outfits that music-goers come up with. But there are definitely a few skin essentials that should go with those creative outfits!

Sunscreen and moisturizer are a must! Damage caused by the sun is a major culprit of skin damage, which can increase rates for aging and risk for developing cancer. Aside from harmful rays, being the sun for long periods of time can dehydrate your skin. You cannot go wrong with any sunscreen with SPF 50. Tinted moisturizers are also key, they moisturize, protect, and even give you some sheer coverage. I have been using NARS, it has SPF 30 and is oil-free. I have also heard good things about Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Enhancer Tinted Moisturizer. It has a SPF 20 moisturizer with a vitamin infused Retinol treatment that helps smooth the appearance of skin.

To be honest, we all may or have may not enjoyed a concert involved with boozin’ under the sun. But drinking water is a must- especially if alcohol is being consumed, since alcohol has the wonderful ability to dehydrate you, your body and your skin. Music-festivals will often have a Camelbak filling station as well (If you’re not into carrying a water bottle). Last but not least, a hat and pair of sunglasses never hurt! I own a floppy hat that I got from J.Crew on sale, and wear it any chance I have. Remember that you might not want to bring your best pair of sunglasses because they could get broken or stolen, but sometimes cheap sunglasses pack the most attitude!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Trending Thursdays: Black and White

The black and white trend has been hot this summer and it will be just as hot in the fall. The great thing about this trend is the timeless aspect of a great black and white outfit. Even after the populatrity of this trend trickles away, you can still wear a black and white piece while looking fashionable. Black and white dresses, for example, usually carry a classic and classy vibe to them in my opinion. If you want to try out this trend without fully committing then I suggest pairing black and white separates like on the examples above. A white top paired with black bottoms (or vice versa) is a great way to participate in this trend. For those who are in love with this trend, like me, buying a black and white item can be fun to work with.

This black and white skirt caught my attention right away. About 1/3 of the skirt is white and it has a fun slit on the left side. I love this skirt because it also took advantage of the sheer trend. There are many similar black and white bottom options in most stores. The easy way to wear this kind of item is to pair it with a black or white top. Instead of sticking with a monochrome outfit, I wanted to wear a pop of color with my shirt. I chose this strong blue and paired the outfit with some summery black wedges. A pop of color is definitely an adventurous way to play with this trend and I was reluctant at first to try it but I loved it. Remember to chose pieces that flatter your body type so that you feel comfortable and confident in your outfit!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Some I Dos and Don'ts

I’ve been at three weddings this year, and at two just this last week. So I suppose that’s why they have been on my mind. It can take me hours to find the perfect outfit for a wedding. Here are a few do’s and don’ts I wish I had known when I was struggling to pick out my dress.
·         Do: Dress up. Men have it easy when they need to dress up for special occasions, a standard suit and tie is all they need. It is definitely more of a challenge for women. A nice blouse with slacks (not khakis) or a skirt will do, but a dress can be an easy go to. A dress should be somewhere above a light summer dress and below your high school prom dress.
·         Don’t: Dress up too much. If you over do it, for example by wearing your prom dress, you run the risk of not only embarrassing yourself but also of upstaging the bridal party or even the bride herself. Remember it’s her day, not yours.
·         Do: Wear color. Wearing colors and patterns that match the season of the wedding is always fun, florals and pastels are great for spring and summer while deeper reds, blues, and greens are great for fall and winter. Wearing your black dress can also be a good option.
·         Don’t: Match the bride or the bridal party. Again, remember it’s the bride’s day. White has been reserved for her. Similarly don’t try to match the bridal party. The bride has chosen her party and has honored them by choosing the color and dress they wear. Matching them only makes it look like you are trying too hard to be part of the wedding. However, a complimentary color is a good idea.
·         Do: Dress tastefully.

·         Don’t: Show too much skin. Remember your audience, there tend to be a lot of family members at weddings. Don’t wear anything you wouldn’t want your grandma to see you in. The idea is to dress classy, your goal isn’t to be remembered as “the one in the super sexy dress”.

Monday, July 8, 2013


Hey! My name is Nessa and I’ll also be a part of this blog. I am 22 years old and getting ready to go back to school for my masters. I am trilingual and learning a fourth language. I like to look at the fashion of other cultures and incorporate it all into my style. One of the languages I speak is French and I think this is closely related with my love for fashion. Fashion has always been a passion of mine and I hope that it can always be a part of life as much as possible. I am a shoe-aholic. I firmly believe there is no such thing as having too many shoes! I am also addicted to exercise. Nothing completes my day like a good run. Exercise is great for building confidence and helping you feel good about yourself, a must for fashion!

Personal Style:
My style is definitely very bold, edgy city girl chic. I like to incorporate romantic and feminine elements in style. Both I’m mostly known for bold colors and bold looks.

Style Inspirations:
I just love using city girl street fashion as inspiration. However, I also love to watch celebs that aren’t afraid to experiment with their fashion, such as Rihanna. Other celebs include Emma Watson, Jessica Alba, and Cara Delevingne.

Style Obstacles:
I am unusually busty and it doesn’t quite fit my frame so it can be hard to find clothing that fits my bust and flatters the rest of my body.

Most Frequented Stores:
Akria, Forever 21, H&M, Express, and Charming Charlie. I am willing to go into almost any store in order to build a diverse wardrobe but these are some of the ones I always visit when shopping.

Beauty Philosophy:
Confidence is key. Confidence is needed to pull off every look and it can help pull off any look. And in order to feel confident, a certain level of comfort is needed so I recommend only wearing styles that you are comfortable in.

Can't Live Without...
 Air. But also my leather jacket and a pair of black pumps.