Sunday, August 4, 2013

Safe sun necessities for summer music festivals

August has been known to bring some of the best concerts and music festivals to cities across America. One of my favorite things about these festivals are the creative outfits that music-goers come up with. But there are definitely a few skin essentials that should go with those creative outfits!

Sunscreen and moisturizer are a must! Damage caused by the sun is a major culprit of skin damage, which can increase rates for aging and risk for developing cancer. Aside from harmful rays, being the sun for long periods of time can dehydrate your skin. You cannot go wrong with any sunscreen with SPF 50. Tinted moisturizers are also key, they moisturize, protect, and even give you some sheer coverage. I have been using NARS, it has SPF 30 and is oil-free. I have also heard good things about Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Enhancer Tinted Moisturizer. It has a SPF 20 moisturizer with a vitamin infused Retinol treatment that helps smooth the appearance of skin.

To be honest, we all may or have may not enjoyed a concert involved with boozin’ under the sun. But drinking water is a must- especially if alcohol is being consumed, since alcohol has the wonderful ability to dehydrate you, your body and your skin. Music-festivals will often have a Camelbak filling station as well (If you’re not into carrying a water bottle). Last but not least, a hat and pair of sunglasses never hurt! I own a floppy hat that I got from J.Crew on sale, and wear it any chance I have. Remember that you might not want to bring your best pair of sunglasses because they could get broken or stolen, but sometimes cheap sunglasses pack the most attitude!

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