Thursday, July 18, 2013

Some I Dos and Don'ts

I’ve been at three weddings this year, and at two just this last week. So I suppose that’s why they have been on my mind. It can take me hours to find the perfect outfit for a wedding. Here are a few do’s and don’ts I wish I had known when I was struggling to pick out my dress.
·         Do: Dress up. Men have it easy when they need to dress up for special occasions, a standard suit and tie is all they need. It is definitely more of a challenge for women. A nice blouse with slacks (not khakis) or a skirt will do, but a dress can be an easy go to. A dress should be somewhere above a light summer dress and below your high school prom dress.
·         Don’t: Dress up too much. If you over do it, for example by wearing your prom dress, you run the risk of not only embarrassing yourself but also of upstaging the bridal party or even the bride herself. Remember it’s her day, not yours.
·         Do: Wear color. Wearing colors and patterns that match the season of the wedding is always fun, florals and pastels are great for spring and summer while deeper reds, blues, and greens are great for fall and winter. Wearing your black dress can also be a good option.
·         Don’t: Match the bride or the bridal party. Again, remember it’s the bride’s day. White has been reserved for her. Similarly don’t try to match the bridal party. The bride has chosen her party and has honored them by choosing the color and dress they wear. Matching them only makes it look like you are trying too hard to be part of the wedding. However, a complimentary color is a good idea.
·         Do: Dress tastefully.

·         Don’t: Show too much skin. Remember your audience, there tend to be a lot of family members at weddings. Don’t wear anything you wouldn’t want your grandma to see you in. The idea is to dress classy, your goal isn’t to be remembered as “the one in the super sexy dress”.

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