Sunday, September 8, 2013

A girl in the woods.

After spending considerable time actually living out here in the Adirondacks I started to think it was foolish to think I could contribute to our blog that began out of a desire to start a fashion blog. Lets be honest, not even my personal hygiene is at its best. I have effectively traded perfume for bug spray. The only article of clothing I have bought in the last three months was from our gift shop. My thick eyebrows are starting to grow back in and the people I work with are genuinely surprised when I let my hair down, wear more than just eyeliner, and put on shoes other than my flip flops.

And yet, I'll give you what I've learned. I have totally taken advantage of this time to experiment. I finally pulled out that hat I've had since I was 16 and never wore because I was too shy. It turns out I look good in it. And it makes a fun statement. I've gotten to pull out my hippie headband and have gotten comfortable wearing my fancy watch from fossil that is dangerously close to matching my skin tone. Both are pieces I love but never thought I could actually wear. This trial period has given me the confidence to wear these things out in the real world (the one beyond the blue line of the Adirondack Park). It also reminded me that I don't necessarily need to go shopping to find new things. We all have these pieces in our closets that we have never worn but are holding on for some inexplicable reason. Why not turn to your closet and see what's hiding there first?

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