About Us

Created in June 2013, the bold and fresh aims to share advice and wisdom of recent college graduates trying to put their best foot forward in the professional world.

Current contributors Include

She has just joined the club of 22 year old college graduates. She studied history and the environment and would like break into the emerging field of environmental history. But beyond that, she loves art and also is drawn by fashion. Currently, Eileen is living and working at a historic landmark in the wilderness.

A multilingual 22 year old graduate student in love with fashion and a shoe addiction. In her spare time she exercises, studies foreign languages, and reads. Nessa also works as a personal stylist at Keaton Row. (Get styled by her for free here!)

As a recent graduate with a biology major, she is pursuing a M.S. in Pharmaceutics. She currently spends her days working, doing yoga, drinking tea and reading lots about beauty and fashion!

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