Monday, July 8, 2013


Hello, hello! My name is Eileen. I will also be contributing to this blog. I have just joined the club of 22 year old college graduates. I studied history and the environment and would like break into the emerging field of environmental history. But beyond that, I love art and also am drawn by fashion. I feel like I can add something to this blog because I am an “every woman” kind of shopper. I don’t necessarily know the big brand names or shop at the expensive stores, but I’m a great bargain hunter because I know the secret of finding similar styles for less.

Personal Style:
My style is somewhere between black, shades of grey, and bright colors. I particularly like to add touches of pinks, greens, and blues. Then I top it off with a string of pearls to keep things classy.

Style Inspirations:
The people I see around me. I’m constantly mixing and matching things from other people’s “styles”. I’m always learning new ways accessorize, layer, etc. 

Style Obstacles:
Hands down my biggest obstacle is finding shoes that fit. I have unusually wide and tall feet and honestly a lot of the really cute shoes just aren’t made to fit my feet. I also have extremely narrow shoulders so it can be a challenge to find shirts where the shoulder line hits me properly.

Most Frequented Stores:
Target, Kohls, H&M, Wet Seal, American Eagle, and JCrew

Beauty Philosophy:
A very good friend once told me “your clothes should fit you, you shouldn’t fit into your clothes” meaning that your clothes and should serve as a way to express you rather than you trying to make your clothes look good. My style is about making me feel good about the skin I am in.

Can't Live Without...

My pearl necklace and my black eyeliner

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